Society for the Assistance of Ladies in Reduced Circumstances

 (Registered as a Charity in England & Wales No. 205798)

Since 1886 we have provided

Grants for women in need

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What "our ladies" say...


These are some of the comments that we have received recently:

“The grant has helped me enormously as I will have taken 9 months off work and as a homeowner my bills & mortgage have stayed the same but my income has dropped tremendously. The grant stopped me getting into debt”

"Your charity has been a life saver. Thank you"

“Thank you for your grants, they give me a bit of security and reassurance so that I don’t have to struggle and worry”

“It really helps me a great deal and helps me keep my head above water and I would really struggle without this help”

“The grant means a big difference to my life I am not overdrawn at bank which means £1 each day is a big saving on overdraft fees. I don’t worry now about paying bills and have no debts for the first time in many years”

“I am extremely grateful to you for your grant, without it I would have trouble paying bills”

“The grant gave me a sense of financial security and enabled me to buy items without it I could not have bought, e.g. a washing machine (without for 5 years), replace eyeglasses, replace old desk top, a winter coat and boots etc. I tried to use the money wisely and was grateful for it”

“Assistance in the form of grants from SALRC has made the difference between managing to make end meet, and not being able to cope financially on benefits alone”

“The help I receive from the society helps me take the steps to a normal basic living standard of today”

“Without the grant my depression would be worse than it is as it’s a great struggle being a pensioner living on so little. I would be more than devastated if it stopped”

“These grants enable me to keep my car on the road, it helps with MOT and servicing costs. Without it I would struggle to keep my independence”

"To everyone with a massive thank you and a really grateful heart I would tell you all what a huge difference you make to my life and I am sure many others"

“Broken the unbearable isolation and fear of losing my home. I am a person who has to have bills paid before I can do anything else. I lived in a homeless shelter before I got my own home and it’s the most precious gift to me that I have a home and that I know I can never lose it. Your grant has helped me break the horrendous isolation I felt for many years almost 27 in total. It is also lovely to be able to know I can go out to visit my wee friend every two weeks and I always budget my fares and its so great to know I will see her face to face its not so lonely. I am so grateful”


"Thank you so much for the financial assistance you provided to me, without your help the future was looking extremely bleak"